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Stepping out of victimhood to limiting beliefs & emotional blocks to REDISCOVER JOY in your Motherhood Journey

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This program has been archived and is not currently open for enrollment. If you have questions, you can contact me at: [email protected]

Welcome, Mama! You're in the right place.

Click play below to learn how this membership can help you step out of victimhood to the limiting beliefs and emotional blocks that interfere with experiencing a joyful motherhood journey!


Hey, Mama. I see you.

You desire to enjoy motherhood, and perhaps some of the time you do...but it never seems to stick around. You find yourself feeling resentment instead.

You're going from day to day on repeat in survival mode, telling yourself limiting stories, carrying around emotional triggers, believing you're not a good mom and other limiting beliefs...

Mama...I SEE YOU!! I get it. I have been there. It's rough. I'm here to bring you hope that there IS something you can do to reclaim joy in motherhood! I'm here to support you in the process.

Allowing yourself to fall victim to your own limiting beliefs and emotional blocks makes it much more difficult to cope with the normal ups and downs of motherhood.

Old emotional junk you haven't processed through and limiting beliefs can make it so much more difficult to see and assess a situation clearly.

Honestly, it is MISERABLE and EXHAUSTING.

Fortunately, you can do something to clear out these energetic cobwebs, allowing you to step out of victimhood and step more fully into the joy of your motherhood journey!

Join us as we tackle the most common areas of struggle for moms, using Group Energy Work, Journal Prompts, and Trainings each month.

Are you ready to step out of the limiting beliefs and emotional blocks, so you can rediscover the joy of your motherhood journey? Join us!


Benefits of Your Membership:

  • Training on the monthly topic
  • Printable Journal Prompts
  • Group Energy Work Session each month
  • Members-only exclusive pricing for Individual Energy Work Sessions (sold separately)
  • Occasional Surprise Bonuses - Guided Visualizations, Positive Affirmations, etc.

Here's How It Works:

  • We target a new topic each month that is most relevant to our unique mom struggles.
  • Training on the topic, & Journal Prompts are posted by the 5th of the month to help you go deeper and examine this within yourself, in preparation for the group clearing on the topic.
  • A Group Energy Work Session is recorded and posted here on this platform. There is no live call you have to be on at a certain time; you may simply listen at your convenience.
  • Content and clearing are available for 2 calendar months, so you can repeat a topic and go deeper each time!

Your Instructor

Megan Watson
Megan Watson

I’m Megan Watson, your Empowered Birthing Coach and Intuitive Energy Work Facilitator.

I help pregnant moms let go of the fears, dread, and resistance about birth so you can feel empowered and confident for birth and embrace the amazing birthing goddess you already are!

My passion is to provide a safe space to support moms in doing the important inner emotional and mindset work so you can show up in birth and motherhood and your life mission with ease, confidence, freedom, and enjoyment.

My vision is for resilient, strong mothers to heal themselves and step into their power so they can then rise as the healers and teachers, mentors, and leaders in their own families and communities.

I genuinely believe every woman already has the capacity to heal within herself, and it is my mission to support you along your personal healing journey, through the most pivotal processes, transitions, and rites of passage of motherhood.

"Megan was very informative before our session so I knew what to expect. When I discussed my pain with her I felt comfortable and understood in a welcoming space. She addressed my issues and, through her intuitive gifts, she was able to move things through so I wasn’t storing extra negative energy in my field. Megan is so kind and she works directly from heart to offer help."

--Amy S. - Salt Lake City, Utah

"Megan helped me and my daughter process and clear a lot of emotions we were carrying. It was eye-opening and inspiring to go through and witness."

--Ashley - New York


Frequently Asked Questions

When does the program start?
The program is available right now! You can get started right away. It is a completely self-paced online program, and each content and clearing is available for two calendar months!
How long do I have access to the content?
Content and clearings are available for two calendar months, so you'll have plenty of time to explore each topic, and even go through them again to go deeper each time. You have unlimited access to the posted content and clearings as long as you are a current subscription member!
How does it work?
Each month I choose the topic most relevant to our unique mom struggles, with the intention to target what is top priority for the group (using intuition and muscle testing) Training on the topic, & Journal Prompts are posted by the 5th of the month to help you to go deeper and examine this within yourself. This prepares you for the group clearing on this topic. A Group Energy Work Session is recorded and posted here on this platform. There is no live call you have to be on at a certain time; you may simply listen at your convenience. Content and clearing are available for 2 calendar months. You may make requests for topics, and I will definitely consider every suggestion!
What topics will be addressed?
Join us as we explore topics relevant to our unique mom struggles! A new topic is chosen each month via intuition and muscle testing for the top priority for the group. (You may submit requests for topics.) POTENTIAL TOPICS: Anger triggers - pulling out the roots of anger to more easily choose into acting instead of reacting Imposter syndrome as moms - clearing out feelings of not being good enough, not knowing enough, comparison, feelings of inadequacy Releasing feelings of guilt and shame in motherhood Creating the motherhood you desire - clearing out beliefs of "there's one right way to be a mom", "motherhood has to look a certain way", etc.; feeling empowered to create your motherhood to look how best serves you and your family Embracing and loving motherhood - opening up to feeling peace and acceptance of the journey Honoring the rite of passage (retroactively) - hearing and validating your inner girl self and her journey and transition into motherhood, healing the identity crisis from the transition and change into motherhood Intuition - opening up to trusting and tuning in to your intuition Voice - clearing blocks to using your voice and being heard Manifesting and abundance - tapping into your power of creation to create the life you desire Divine feminine energy - opening up to more fully embodying your divine feminine energy Boundaries - creating energetic boundaries that serve your greatest good Stress management, relaxation - clearing blocks to allowing yourself to relax Self-connection - clearing blocks to allowing self care and making time for yourself Feeling love, trust, and gratitude for your body - seeing your body as the powerful tool that it is and opening up to your body wisdom Connection with kids - clearing non-beneficial connections and creating positive connections with your kids Motherhood legacy - releasing limiting beliefs about motherhood Flex - whatever is needed!
What's the monthly membership fee?
To join us on this journey is only $29/month! In recognition of the deep importance and huge impact of this work we will do in this membership group, I feel to also add a donation-based recurring payment option for those who need this option. I believe this will make this program widely accessible and spread the love and support to all who desire to step out of victimhood and take ownership of their journey. As such, I have included 3 different donation tiers for those needing this option.
Is there a long-term commitment?
There is no long-term commitment! This is month-to-month, and you may cancel at anytime. No worries, no drama, no hard break up, no extra fees. Easy peasy.
What's your cancellation and refund policy?
This is month-to-month, there is no long-term commitment, and you may cancel your subscription membership at anytime. I want you to be happy with your experience and do everything I can to ensure that! If you are not satisfied with your experience, I offer a 30-day money back guarantee.
What are my membership benefits?
Your membership benefits include: Training on the monthly topic Printable Journal Prompts Group Energy Work Session along the same topic Members-only exclusive pricing for Individual Energy Work Sessions (sold separately) Occasional Surprise Bonuses

"The personal energy work was powerful and productive. I came away feeling lighter, with a greater appreciation for who I am and who I can become."

- Carol - Washington, D.C.

"Megan is one of the only energy workers I go to because she helps me get to the root of the issue so fast! She can intuitively see what I cannot, and gently guides me to find it for myself. I don't trust many people, but Megan has such an energy of peace and acceptance in her sessions. She has said many things that may have been hard to hear from someone else, but because she is so loving and nurturing in her way, healing is easy and fun! I always experience HUGE, permanent shifts in her sessions, and leave feeling loved and known by my creator, and empowered and free to move forward! She is just the best there is!"

- Chalise - Price, Utah


It's time, Mama. I invite you to step out of the limiting beliefs and emotional blocks holding you back from experiencing enjoyment and freedom in motherhood! I feel so strongly the importance of this work, and I am excited for you to join us on this Joyful Motherhood Journey!

This program is not open for enrollment.